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Eagles, packers em campo brasileiro com barreira verde informal

Eagles, packers em campo brasileiro com barreira verde informal

The Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers will be heading down to Brazil later this year to get their season started in São Paulo. 

However, now there’s some question as to what uniforms the two teams will wear because they’re scheduled to play in a stadium that has an informal ban on the color green.

The game is set to take place in São Paulo’s Corinthians Arena (also referred to as Neo Quimica Arena) which is the home to the Brazilian soccer club — would you believe? — Corinthians.

Now, as I’m sure you’re aware, they take soccer very seriously down there, and as such, the rivalries run deep.

According to Daily Mail, Corinthians has a long-running rivalry with a club in São Paulo called Palmeiras, and their uniforms are green. This led to an informal ban on the color green inside Corinthians Arena. 

Players and fans aren’t supposed to wear green, and a Cortinthans player even got fined in 2021 because he hit the pitch wearing green cleats.

So… Eagles… Packers… an informal ban on the color green… 

Are you starting to pick up on the issue?

Of course, both teams wear green home uniforms, but there are some ways this could try to work around this.

The Eagles have a black alternate uniform and let the Packers wear their normal road whites, but Philly would still have to wear green helmets. They had a black one in 2022, but according to CBS Sports, they had to bench that one so they could bring back their Kelly green lids last season (which is a good trade-off in my opinion).

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It’s fun to think about the prospect of both teams being banned from wearing their uniforms, but don’t you think someone would’ve said something at some point during the planning process?

It’s not like the NFL is showing up unannounced and the Corinthians folks didn’t have time to say, “You guys wouldn’t happen to have any teams without green, would you?”

So while it’s a funny coincidence that two teams heavy on green got the nod for this game, I don’t think there’s any reason to believe it won’t be business as usual on the uniform front in São Paulo come September.